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"I honestly can't believe how much better running has made Zala.  She is calmer in the house and in the yard.  When I take her out running, she isn't so scared of stuff.  She is a much more content, happy girl."  
--Zala's mom

"I will keep using your services because you put time into getting Pumbaa to warm up to you.  I know this was very difficult because noone comes to my house and he is not used to having anyone in his space.  I really appreciate that.  Woofers is worth the investment because I know it will get done."  --Pumbaa's dad

"I call Woofers because my dog REALLY needs more than a walk.  Running with another dog gives Java socialization and he learns a new skill.  I know Woofers loves both dogs and running and they offer convenience, peace of mind."  --Java's mom

"Awww.  She looks so happy!"  --Emma's mom

"I feel it is our responsibility to take good care of our dog because he takes such good care of us.  Exercise plays a big role in the health of a family member and this is a worthwhile investment for our young dog during our busy work season.  I see that you have an honest love for animals.  I know you will do a good job and keep him safe."  --Zane's mom

"AWESOME!  I can tell that he likes it (running) and you!  Thank you for caring for and about our sweet boy....I know he loves you.  Happy boy!"  
--Mackie's mom

"The benefits for Annie are the joy in actually running and how it helps her maintain her great physical condition for a 10 year old.  I can see that Annie is fond of Val and trusts her on the runs.  Its a worthwhile investment in the well-being of our beloved rescue, both physically and mentally.  I love watching it all!"  --Annie's mom

"We're really lucky to have you.  You're a lifesaver!  The girls are just loving it!"  Lola and Breslin's mom

"I've never seen him get so excited to see someone!  Never heard him make that sound before!"  --Koda's mom


OWNER/DOG RUNNER/WALKER VAL DIETZ has been an athlete her whole life. As a kid, she played basketball, ran track, and played softball. As an adult, she has enjoyed distance running, triathlons, kayaking, SCUBA diving, snow skiing and hiking.  Her 2013/2014 races have included the New Orleans, Indy 500 and Bayshore half marathons and the Chicago marathon.  Valeri especially enjoys running with her Border Collie mix, Sami!

Valeri grew up on a Texas cattle ranch; playing outside and going on adventures with her dogs. She has lived with, cared for, and raised all sorts of animals....cats, rabbits, hamsters, chickens, goats, cows, and miniature donkeys.  

Working at a cage-free dog day camp and volunteering as a dog walker at Cherryland Humane Society have given Valeri experience with a wide range of ages, temperaments and breeds.  Val's furry family currently includes dogs Sami and Stella, Onyx the kitty, and Cocoa the gerbil!  

Valeri graduated from Texas A&M University with a psychology degree and from the University of Texas in Arlington with a master's degree in social work.  She has worked in non-profit and hospital settings with a focus on case management, volunteer administration and community outreach.

DOG RUNNER/WALKER ANN MANNING has been with Woofers since 2014.  Ann is a distance runner and also a figure skating coach.  When she's not exercising Woofers, Ann can be found hiking in the woods around TC with her beautiful pups, Maia the 6 y.o. Labradoodle and Axel the 11 m.o. Aussiedoodle.  

DOG RUNNER/WALKER JES HERNDEN has been with Woofers since March of 2016.  She is a distance runner and also a professional baker! She's a member of the Traverse City Track Club Racing Team.  When she's not exercising Woofers, she can be found training for her next event which for 2016 includes the Bayshore Half and the Chicago Marathon!  

DOG RUNNER/WALKER SALLY BLACK has been with Woofers since 2014. She is our substitute runner/walker during the school year.  We sure appreciate her willingness to jump in when needed.  When not exercising Woofers she can be found outdoors doing something active and fabulous like snow skiing, water skiing, SUPing, cycling around town and more.  She's the proud mom to an equally active Golden Retriever named Sammy.


Our pack is made up of mostly Woofers & a few feline friends...young, old, small, large, rescues, speedsters, and walkers.  We'd love to add a wider range of pets to our family...got chickens, goats, fish, hamsters, donkeys?

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